Crackle Medium Micro - 2 Steps - 50ml

Crackle Medium Micro - 2 Steps - 50ml
Crackle Medium Micro - 2 Steps - 50ml
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Crackle Medium Micro - 2 Steps - 50ml 

En: Two component cracking system to create small size surface cracks consisting of irregular squares. Apply the first component on the surface of the already decorated object . Wait for it to dry , then apply the second component . The second phase develops cracks during drying, and becomes transparent and waterproof. The cracks may be emphasized using a colouring material ( patina , antic paste , powder ) rubbed on the surface .

Ro: Produs cu doua componente cu care se poate realiza crapaturi fine de suprafata in forma unor dreptunghiuri neregulate. Pe suprafata obiectelor decorate in prealabil aplicati faza 1 . Dupa uscare aplicati faza 2 . Crapaturile vor aparea in timpul uscarii fazei 2 si vor puttea fi evidentiate cu patina , pasta de antichizare , pudra ... etc . Suprafata astfel obtinuta este rezistenta la apa . 

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